viernes, 25 de mayo de 2007

The behavior of counterfeited goods buyers in the US

I would like to know whether counterfeiting is considered a severe crime in the United State of America. Indeed, I would like to know what happens under your law with buyers of faked products... Especially I would like to know if buyers of counterfeited goods are punished because of this behavior. In Europe, if you want to enter any forged product, you'll be stopped at the very border as well as anywhere and anytime as you be detected.
As you can see below in this blog, it is not so clear in this part of the world what to do with buyers.
Our law punishes sellers and manufacturers but doesn't penalize those who buy faked goods.
Nowadays we are amending our trademark law regarding criminal aspects.
It would be very useful if you can share with us your thoughts and acknowledge about this topic.
Take into account that many brand owners from the States could have interests here.

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